Hi, fellow tumblr bloggers! My name's Shery and I am a 16 year old fangirl. Justin Bieber has taught me to never say never and to believe in my dreams because everything is reachable. Selena Gomez has taught me to dream out loud and understand that what makes you different, is also what makes you beautiful! I am here to bring you Justin and Selena news... Hope you enjoy!

September 21: New photo of Justin and Selena at church tonight.
Selena is literally the cutest thing in the world!! But we see you being sneaky, mhm…
Can I please have a boyfriend like Justin? I mean he’s just the cutest thing in the world… Played a basketball game and won Selena the Lisa Simpson doll
So many good people coming together… JELFREDO!!!
Oh wow, it only took a few years

@AshGuin: The happiest I’ve seen him in a while.. #goodcompany #heloveshisfriends #happy20thbabe 🎂🎉🙊

The way she is looking at him like he is all that matters, and they are both smiling! My babies ❤️
Justin Bieber + Cody Simpson’s First Single Hits Radio ‘In Days, Not Months’



Justin Bieber and Cody Simpson’s first single from their forthcoming duets album will hit radio “in days, not months,” according to Michigan radio station 97.5 Now FM.

Resident DJ Josh Strickland was given a select listen to the imminent debut song from the two mutually managed artists at…

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