My girl says I’m perfect she just loves an imperfect person

Perfectly personally I think she is perfectly perfect


“You’re all that matters to me”
It comes to a point where enough is enough… I’m so happy to see hat Justin is defending his woman! Beliebers and selenators might not agree about this relationship, but at least respect their happiness
My heart melts when I see Justin and Selena together and in love! They don’t care what the world thinks, because when they are together, everyone else disappears 😍❤️
You can barely see Justin, but I am absolutely in love with this picture! The sunset, the outline of him… Stunning
Woah Justin pulling up his pants… I think that’s a first 😜
Look at those cheekbones!!
I love how Justin focuses on Selena’s ass… He want some cuz she got buns Hun lol